I think it’s safe to say that we’re all crazy about free movies. Putlocker was one fantastic site to watch your favorite content, and it cost only a fraction of what an online rental or subscription-based services like Netflix, Crackle, or Hulu would. Unfortunately, there aren’t many sites that resemble it in function. So, we are listing some sites like putlocker that work just like the original one.

There are plenty of websites that actually work, which will let you watch movies and TV shows for free. These sites do not require you to create an account on them to work either! So anytime you want to watch a movie, just hop onto any of these websites, and enjoy unrestrained entertainment. If you are searching for streaming sites, then check it out Free Movie Streaming Websites.  Here are the eight sites we recommend trying out.

8 Sites like PutLocker.ch

sites like putlocker
Sites like putlocker

Watch Movies Free

At first glance, Watch Movies Free will appear to be a website offering freebies, one among the many hundreds of its kind. But it is among the few sites that actually do operate when asked to. Choose among the various categories in the menu, among genres, countries of origin, chronological order, popularity, and more. The website caters to news as well. The site itself does not host content but embeds it from sources. Watch Bollywood, horror, animation, and more uncommon genres of Watch Movies Free.

Wolow Tube

Just like every other website that streams free movies, Wolow Tube has a thumbnail based interface, which is the platform over which the website offers hundreds of free movies to watch anywhere in the world. Tap a thumbnail to play the content, and set course to any URLs listed. Most of them work, and you can sit in your comforter, and binge-watch all your favorite movies and TV show episodes for no cost at all. The latest movies make it to the home page, so they are easy and quick to run.

Channel 131

With TV shows, music, movies, and more to watch and download with abandon, it is a surprise how the Channel 131 website isn’t crazy popular. The website has an “Airing Today” section for TV shows that will be coming on TV that day. You can be sure to find virtually every single episode added on the website for you to watch right the next morning! Plus, the “Recently Added” section lets you stay up to date with the latest episodes to have been aired. The links to various sources are arranged in neat tabs, so switching between two is no task at all.


Vumoo is really a website to experience. You can browse everything on the website through one simple tab of the top. Explore movies according to genres, popularity, critics ratings, date of release, date of addition, and ones currently being watched. You can switch between movies and TV shows with just one click too. Use the marquee arrangement to get to your favorite movies quicker and easier than on any other website. Simply click to open any content you’d like to watch, and the video is ready to be played right on the next page. Click the Play button, go ahead and add subtitles if you want to. If a server doesn’t work, you can report it right away. Compelling content is added in its place within 3-4 hours. This is more than what can be said about even the best-paid websites and services!


The layout on Niter.co is a bit too white and sparkly, but you face no problem getting movies and TV episodes to play on your PC or other devices. There are some fantastic features to the website, like the Latest News Section keeping you up to date with the latest 411 in the entertainment industry. You can sort through your entertainment by the actors or directors involved in their making, along with categories such as Reindexed and Featured, to get in tune with the best entertainment around the internet. There’s also an “In Theatres Now” segment; for movies, you can expect to figure on the website soon.


For those of you who love to have that nostalgic 90s feel when exploring the net, Movie4k is a pretty good site to log into. Everything from the format to the fonts and the color scheme all scream 1998! But the website still has the latest movies along with the classics, in multiple sources all linked and rated by fellow users. The format is much more accessible to follow than the rest because you get to see all the crucial information about the movie, such as the genre, IMDb ratings, and the poster art right on the screen, without having to hover over the thumbnail. There might be some age-inappropriate material on the website, however, so proceed with caution.

Movie Night

Movie Night sure has a matinee feel to it. The purple menu works well with the white base color and gives a very movie theater feel. The website offers movie recommendations so you can appear more informed about cinema than any of your friends. There are also the latest movies and TV shows you can watch to stay up to date with the best the entertainment industry has to offer. Explore genres from Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy. Crime and Drama and even pretty amazing Documentaries. It is pretty easy to fall in love with this amazing website.

Couch Tuner

For when you want to lie down on your couch and turn on a binge session of movies and TV shows without having to pay an exorbitant fee, there’s Couch Tuner. The site is pretty easy to navigate, and it has comments too, for when you want to have a brief overview and know what users think about the content you’re going to watch. TV Listing makes it incredibly easy to reach for your entertainment, and the TV Schedule lets you know what episode is going to be broadcast at what time so that you can catch it as soon as possible.

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Now isn’t that a treat? These 8 websites like putlocker to ensure you’re never left to fend for yourself in the bleak world filled with boredom. There’s fresh content to watch, and a fantastic time waiting for you each time you have your laptop nearby.



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